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Portia Mount, Founder of Mount Creative, brings a wealth of expertise in executive and performance coaching. Specializing in guiding senior leaders and their teams, Portia is committed to unleashing their organizational influence and enhancing their leadership skills. With a comprehensive background in multiple psychometric assessments, she offers personalized evaluations to pinpoint leadership strengths and identify potential derailers then crafts tailored strategies to unlock their highest leadership potential.

Portia works with emerging leaders, providing them with the essential tools and insights needed to seamlessly transition into executive positions. Drawing from her own successful tenure as a general manager and team leader, she empowers leadership teams to cultivate a culture of change, sharpen strategic execution, and instill a performance-driven ethos throughout the organization.


CEOs turn to Mount Creative when they are looking to transform marketing functions from tactical cost centers into growth engines that add value to a company. With over 20+ years in general management and executive leadership, Portia Mount has built and transformed marketing teams across multiple industries. Portia's unique "X Factor" lies in her dual expertise as an executive coach and a master of cross-functional integration. She balances strategy with execution and a results-driven mindset. By partnering with Mount Creative, CEOs gain exclusive access to Portia's extensive global network of top-tier fractional executives and skilled freelance professionals. This elite community is ready to address the specific needs of growth-focused enterprises, ensuring you have the right expertise to drive your business forward.

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